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My wife has been doing some research on this. The USDA has been telling us for the last two days–and the mainstream media has faithfully repeated–that the prion responsible for BSE is found only in the brain and spinal cord tissue of infected cows.

That isn’t true.

The USDA itself recommended to the Red Cross that it exclude from blood donor lists any person who’s lived for at least six months in a country where BSE has been detected. It’s a known fact that prions travel through the bloodstream. My wife has found several articles online that indicate that prions have, in fact, been detected in the muscle tissue of infected animals.

Well, duh. There’s blood in muscle tissue.

Here’s a question: The cow in Washington state was tested December 9. Why did the USDA wait two weeks to let us know about it?

I’m not trying to be an alarmist. I just don’t trust everything I see, hear, or read from the networks.

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