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Christmas CD Banned for Mentioning Jesus

This bizarre news item heads WorldNetDaily today: A children’s hospital in Edinburgh, Scotland has banned a charity Christmas CD from distribution because it mentions the baby Jesus.


What’s the holiday–excuse me, holy day–celebrate, anyway?

At least one religious leader in Scotland has spoken out against the decision. In an interview with The Scotsman, he said:

This is political correctness gone mad. It is going too far and it is going to be counterproductive. This is Christmastime and the overwhelming majority of the people in this country are Christians. If people want to celebrate then they should have the right, as should minority groups. But if the freedom is only one-sided, then the majority will be offended.”

The irony is that the religious leader is a man named Bashir Maan, a prominent Muslim leader in Scotland.

Too bad the nominal Christians there don’t have the common sense of Mr. Maan.

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