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Halliburton Overcharged Army for Gasoline

The Pentagon has discovered that Dick Cheney’s former company may have overcharged the Army for gasoline to the tune of about $61 million.

This makes for good, simple headlines, and Democrats should have a field day with this. The thing is, it appears that Halliburton didn’t profit from the overcharges; the company paid a Kuwaiti subcontractor too much for the gasoline in the first place.

Apparently the Kuwaiti company was the only one that met the Army Corps of Engineers strict specifications.

Having bid on government jobs that required steel pipe several times, my own experience has been that the engineers who write government specs go way over the top. Why not? Being competitive isn’t a consideration, so they justify their jobs by writing long, complex documents full of technobabble.

The $61 million overcharge for gasoline is not the problem, it’s only a symptom. This kind of thing goes on in all areas of government, which is why we should be concerned that the U.S.A. now has more people working for the government than for any single sector of industry.

We are slowly turning ourselves into a socialist state. My nightmare is that I’ll wake up one day to find half the country getting government handouts and the other half administering the entitlement programs. And I’m the only one with a job.

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