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Man Not Needed to Make Baby?

WorldNetDaily reports that researchers at Harvard have fertilized mouse eggs with sperm cells created from embryonic stem cells.

The technique is being touted as a new tool to help the emerging branch of gene therapy enable fathers in the future to sire children free of genetic flaws.

My wife wrote a science fiction short with this premise: What happens to all of us imperfects when a new generation of supermen reaches maturity?

I’m being facetious. This is dangerous ground. It’s only because of the prevailing assumption in our culture that there is no higher being than man that we see scientists tinkering around with the God-created building blocks of life. There are theological ramifications here that I don’t pretend to grasp, just as I don’t claim to know the exact moment that a “fetus” becomes a “person”, with all of the rights that attach to such a designation.

Subject to that limitation, which I dare say afflicts every geneticist in the world as well, we should leave hands off and let God handle the giving and the taking away.

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