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A Red Letter Day

Today, my lovely and talented wife (it sounds like a cliche, but it isn’t–she’s really pretty and the most gifted person I know) has made her debut on and Barnes & Noble, as well as the web sites for Wal-Mart and Target.

Sharon’s first novel, Winds of Evil, goes to the printer Monday morning, so we should see hard copies just after January 1st.

I know I’m biased, but I truly believe the world of fiction has a bright new star in the pantheon. She can tell a story, and she fills out her characters so well you can picture every one of them clearly in your mind. (I can think of a couple of best-selling authors who don’t do that for me.)

Winds of Evil, the first book in a series titled The Laodicea Chronicles, is going to be an interesting venture into a genre that’s fairly new, a field being tilled now most notably by Frank Piretti and Ted Dekker, the Christian thriller. Think X-Files, but written in a world where the existence of God is presupposed–unlike most fiction, or especially television, where Jesus’ name is only spoken as part of a curse.

I am immensely proud of Sharon, and I am her Number One Fan. (I mean that in a good way, not in a psychotic, “shackled to the bed and hobbled with a sledgehammer” kind of way.) And the word from her publisher is that Book Two of the Laodicea Chronicles, Signs and Wonders, will be released soon after Winds of Evil, as will Sharon’s 2003 National Novel Writing Month project, Skin Walkers.

Skin Walkers features a fascinating and memorable character, a Winnebago Indian named John Thundercloud. He also figures prominently in the Laodicea series, so it’s a safe bet to say that Sharon is really enjoying the exploration of this character.

It’s a joy to see her create. And she inspires me, too. Back to work on We Shall All Be Changed.

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