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Cal Thomas: Keeping Christmas

I laugh when I read Cal Thomas. Not because he’s funny, although he sometimes is, but because the change in my reactions to his columns over the last ten years is such a clear reminder of how much I’ve changed in that time.

I used to think of Cal as a half-step to the right of Attila the Hun, an intolerant fundamentalist who wanted America turned into a theocracy. Now I find that I agree with nearly every opinion he expresses.

His latest column, on the pagan holiday that Christmas has become, is right on the money. It’s a conclusion that my wife and I reached a couple of years ago, too. Although our tree is up and decorated (with Sharon’s God-given artistic touch) and I’ll be on the roof hanging icicle lights from the gutters this weekend, we no longer celebrate Christmas as most Americans do.

We limit the gifts to one or two per person, and we exchange them a week or two before Christmas. No set date, just whenever we all decide it’s time. That way, the gifts are gone from beneath the tree long before December 25, and the day no longer centers on what’s in the gift-wrapped boxes. We’ve discovered that the day is much more relaxed, and we’re able to focus on the God’s perfect gift to us, Jesus Christ.

This will be our third Un-Christmas. I can’t wait.

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