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Charlie’s Soapbox

A note from Charlie Daniels to the liberal press:

I challenge you, defy you, in fact, I double dog dare you to print some letters from the troops who are serving over in Iraq.

I dare you to print a first hand account of what?s actually happening there which has been written by the people with the guns and the body armor who volunteer to put themselves in harm?s way so that you have the freedom to belittle everything they do and make it look as if their hard fought efforts are not working.

How about an account from a real American and not some jaded, scotch swilling correspondent with a Marxist ax to grind.

I also dare you to acknowledge that more Americans die a violent death on the streets of Washington D.C. than they do on the streets of Baghdad. Why aren?t the front pages and Sunday talk shows inundated with finger pointing at the politicians who run that city? Could it be that they are of the same political persuasion as you?

Read the whole thing. Charlie is a national treasure.

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