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Marcus Borg on Life, the Universe, and Everything

Religious scholar Marcus Borg is interviewed by Beliefnet about his views of the New Christianity:

Faith is not primarily about believing a set of claims to be true?that?s what goes with the earlier vision of Christianity. The understanding of faith that goes with the emerging vision is about a relationship of trust in God and faithfulness to God.

And on why he calls himself a Christian:

So why am I Christian? The biggest reason is that it feels like home to me in a way no other religion could. Beyond that, I greatly admire the richness of the Christian tradition.

Pardon my bluntness, but what a load of self-deluded crap.

Borg makes it clear in the interview that he doesn’t believe that Christianity is the only path to salvation, nor is he even sure that there is an afterlife. So I have to ask: What is he faithful to? How does he display his faithfulness? If he doesn’t accept the truth of scripture or the nature of God presented therein, then what in the universe is he really worshipping?

This sounds like a “make it up as I go” religion. No wonder it feels home to him in a way no other religion could. Ultimately, by redefining God into a form he’s comfortable with, Marcus Borg is simply worshipping himself.

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