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Know Your Fiction

From Margaret M. Mitchell, Associate Professor of New Testament at the University of Chicago Divinity School, a list of things that are “patently false” in The DaVinci Code:

In his own lifetime Jesus “inspired millions to better lives” (p.231); there were “more than eighty gospels” (p.231; the number 80 is factual-sounding, but has no basis); “the earliest Christian records” were found among the Dead Sea Scrolls (including gospels) and Nag Hammadi texts (pp.234, 245); the Nag Hammadi texts “speak of Christ’s ministry in very human terms” (p.234); the marriage of Mary Magdalene and Jesus is “a matter of historical record” (p.244); Constantine invented the divinity of Jesus and excluded all gospels but the four canonical ones; Constantine made Christianity “the official religion” of the Roman Empire (p.232); Constantine coined the term “heretic” (p.234); “Rome’s official religion was sun worship” (p.232). There are more.

Indeed. But most people won’t do the research to find that out.

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