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NaNoWriMo: Day 15

Only a semi-productive day today as I added about 3,000 words to We Shall All Be Changed. I like the direction, though. My hope is that my instincts are right, and that I’m adding enough suspense without making the plot drag.

The other trick will be balancing the lighter elements (four guys who are, for lack of a better description, what the Lone Gunmen were to The X-Files) with the darker (death, government power run amok, and so on). Too much one way or the other will make the humor seem forced or inappropriate, or make the antagonist seem impotent. We’ll see what my wife thinks when she reads it; I trust her instincts better than my own.

And she deserves congratulations, as today she has officially met the challenge of National Novel Writing Month for the second year in a row. Sharon K. Gilbert, you rock!

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