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General Clark: Hero of Kosovo

The New Yorker has a very informative piece on Wesley Clark in its current issue. It’s an eye-opener.

Among the reasons Clark supporters should think long and hard:

Clark advocated an invasion of Kosovo with a force of two hundred thousand troops, mostly American. The force would move into Kosovo through Albania, because Macedonia had declared that it would not allow its territory to be used for launching an attack. Aside from the most obvious difficulty with Clark?s plan?that a major American-led ground invasion in the Balkans could not win the support of Congress, the Pentagon, the White House, or NATO?there was a real problem regarding Albania. The country was already in chaos, and had almost no infrastructure. There was only one major road, and it was only partly paved, and there were few bridges that could support the mammoth tanks and fighting vehicles of the American Army.

We’re supposed to listen to Clark’s opinion of how to prosecute the war in Iraq? Please.

The lack of support for Clark among former co-workers such as Generals Hugh Shelton and Tommy Franks is revealing. This article explains why they don’t.

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