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Al Sharpton’s Party?

Patrick Buchanan makes an interesting observation in his column today:

the new moral arbiters of the party are, if you can believe it, Al Sharpton and the Rev. Jesse Jackson. They decide what is permissible to say and not to say, on all issues related to race. When Rev. Al called the Confederate flag “America’s swastika,” not one Democrat rose to protest.

He’s right. And isn’t that odd? In today’s Democratic Party, it’s okay to support homosexual marriage and unrestricted abortion on demand, but woe unto you if you dare say “Confederate flag” without “swastika”, “bigot”, “Nazi”, or similar language in the same sentence.

Are we beginning to understand why the vast majority of the country between the coasts, including Al Gore’s home state of Tennessee, voted for Bush in 2000? And why the likelihood of a Democratic president in ’04 is so small?

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