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Fun With Linux

I’ve been following Vox Day’s adventures with Linux with some interest. We’re stuck with aging Windows machines at work, a mixture of 98, NT, and Millennium boxes that are going to have to be upgraded or chucked within the next couple of years.

The prospect of going MS-free is intriguing, especially with the plague of virus-laden e-mails this year. An alternative, especially a free one, looks pretty good–on paper.

But I see that getting Linux to do all you want is a trick, even for the power user. We don’t have one of those at work. I’d like to be one, but I spend my days actually using the computer to do things, like enter orders and track customer contacts and fax quotes.

Linux may be the way of the future. I really hope the penguin puts some fear into Microsoft. But for now, if you’re ready to leave Microsoft, get a Mac.

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