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ABC’s Assault on the Cross

Brent Bozell tears ABC News apart for its utter departure from journalistic standards Monday night:

“In short, this story is a journalistic atrocity, a complete abandonment of professionalism. It should be more embarrassing for ABC than the network’s trumped-up Food Lion fakery. Geraldo found more in Al Capone’s vault than the goods ABC tried to pin on the Catholic Church. They have lost complete control of their journalistic senses and now babble with an irreligious incontinence. It was so bad that the New York Times (!) trashed it as ‘woolly and underthought.’ ABC’s liberal political and cultural agenda clearly was more important than its reputation.”

Cultural agenda? ABC clearly decided that it wasn’t worth investigating the testimony of the eyewitnesses recorded in the New Testament. Why didn’t ABC bother to interview any Christian apologists, like Josh McDowell, Dr. William Lane Craig, Edwin M. Yamauchi, or any number of others who can present clear and compelling evidence for the authority and accuracy of the scriptures as we have them today?

Here’s why: Because doing so would mean acknowledging that Jesus Christ is God. And ABC News, trading on its credibility as a “news” organization, is trying to destroy Christianity in America.

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