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Howard Dean and Dixie

Howard Dean’s comment about appealing to guys with Confederate flags on their pickup trucks highlights the dilemma of the Democratic Party in 2004.

Howard Dean recognizes that the party needs to appeal to the vast middle of the country that went for Bush in 2000. The rest of the Democratic Party is convinced that rural voters, especially in the South, are intolerant, gun-toting racists and homophobes. (And some are even worse–Bible-toting Christians!)

By casting their lot with radical feminists, homosexuals, Communists (the ACLU), and supporters of racial quotas, the Democrats have shut themselves out of the White House and ceded a majority of the House, and probably the Senate, for the foreseeable future.

Dean sees it, even if he expressed himself in a patronizing and offensive way. Kerry and Gephardt, also campaigning in Iowa, led the rush to gang-tackle Dr. Dean for his remarks. The irony is that Dean may have killed his chances for the nomination by telling Democrats exactly what they must do to win.

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