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NaNoWriMo: The Final Update

November 30, 2003

I finish NaNoWriMo ’03 with a word count of 54,080. That puts me among the winners this year who achieved the lofty goal of slapping 50,000 words into a word processor within thirty days. There


November 30, 2003

The Chicago Bears still have a shot at the playoffs.


November 28, 2003

Stumbling, bleeding, delirious with exhaustion, I fall across the finish line, my task complete!

Bush Makes Surprise Visit to Troops in Baghdad

November 27, 2003

A brilliant stroke for the president. Note the wording of the Fox News copy writer: The president’s plane — its lights darkened and windows closed to minimize chances of making it a target — landed

University Dismisses Death Theats Against “Raghead”

November 26, 2003

Tempest in Volunteer country: A conservative columnist for the campus newspaper at the University of Tennessee was shredded in a volley of e-mails between members of the Issues Committee, who were criticized by the columnist

Durbin Warns Against Faith-Based Plans

November 26, 2003

I don’t usually agree with Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL), but he’s right about this. Durbin told a group in Chicago Sunday that the president’s faith-based initiatives “could endanger religious freedom”. Durbin said that unless religious

What a Load of Baloney

November 24, 2003

As if we didn’t have enough to worry about: Border agents at El Paso last week seized 756 pounds of bologna arranged into the shape of a car seat and covered with blankets in a

I am Stunned

November 24, 2003

…that anyone with half a brain could view Michael Jackson’s self-destruction as a racial issue. BET, Black Entertainment Television, has posted a news item based on e-mail to its site from people who claim that

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