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US Must Rely on Foreign Law?

The Judicial Branch of the US government has become a threat to our national sovereignty. At an awards dinner in Atlanta, Justice Sandra Day O’Connor said American courts need to pay more attention to international legal decisions to create a more favorable impression abroad:

“I suspect…that over time we will rely increasingly, or take notice at least increasingly, on international and foreign courts in examining domestic issues.” Doing so, she added, “may not only enrich our own country’s decisions, I think it may create that all important good impression.”

Good impressions are important for job interviews. As a nation, we need to do what’s honorable, moral, and right, regardless of how it plays in Brussels.

This globalist attitude in our judiciary, which is not unique to Judge O’Connor, has to be checked. It may prove to be a bigger threat to the freedom of Americans than any foreign enemy.

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