Thank God for General Boykin

Tony Blankley summarizes the flap over General Boykin’s stance on Islam:

  1. The U.S. is a Judeo-Christian nation.
  2. Millions of fanatic Muslims, including but not limited to Al Qaeda, believe they are fighting a religious war against Jews and Christians.
  3. General Boykin’s assessment of the conflict in light of New Testament scripture may actually make him supremely qualified for his anti-terrorist duties:

Whether or not American officials chose to call this a religious war, it is utterly clear that our enemy, bin Laden and the other terrorists, are motivated by Islamic religious fanaticism. They say so in their founding documents and every day, in every way, around the world. However peaceably we may interpret the Koran or assess the history of Islam, at this time and in these places one would have to be swayed by a spirit of detachment from the facts not to see that a sizable percentage of Muslims believe they are in a religious war with non-Muslims. They are consciously at religious war with the Jews in the Middle East, with Hindus in the subcontinent and with Christians everywhere. It shouldn’t be a firing offense for the occasional American general to return the compliment.


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