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MSNBC Calls Evangelical Christian General’s Views Divisive

One of the nation’s top terrorist fighters is a Christian with religious views that are “dangerous, extreme and pernicious”, according to MSNBC.

Lt. Gen. William “Jerry” Boykin is a highly decorated soldier, wounded twice in combat, and the former head of Army Special Forces. He was promoted this summer to deputy undersecretary of defense and tasked with the responsibility of coordinating intelligence with special ops and hunting down “high value” targets like Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein.

MSNBC investigative reporter Lisa Myers says Boykin’s religious views may complicate his assignment because, as an evangelical Christian, he sees the war on terror as a religious war.

Here’s some news, Lisa: The Muslims who’ve killed thousands of Americans over the last quarter century see this as a religious war.

Maybe an investigation of what the Wahhabists are teaching in their religious schools would be enlightening.

Early warning, brothers, this is a foretaste of what’s coming in America: Reports by investigative journalists simply to expose people as Bible-believing Christians, as though that in itself is enough to disqualify one from public service.

*** UPDATE ***
CNN, the BBC, and the Los Angeles Times are running with this story, too. The Times says religious groups are calling for the military to punish Gen. Boykin.

But since one of the “religious groups” is CAIR, which is at best a friend of militant Islamic extremists, I would hope the general receives nothing more than a wrist slap.

For a more balanced take on the story, see WorldNetDaily, the only news outlet mentioning CAIR’s alleged links to Hamas, and Randall Todd “Ismail” Royer, a former CAIR staffer who was among 11 men indicted in July for conspiring to train on American soil for a “violent jihad.”

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