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Good News From Iraq

Thank God for the Internet. The drumbeat of doom coming from the mainstream media is gradually being drowned out by the good news filtering back through other channels. Ralph Peters, writing an op-ed for the New York Post, shares his anger over the slanted coverage coming from Baghdad:

“Recently, I visited Germany to speak with our soldiers, many just back from Iraq. The situation depicted in the media was unrecognizable to them. They’d just left a country where every indicator of success was turning positive. Yet the media insist we are incompetent and failing.

The Kurds are prospering. The Shi’ites no longer live in fear. Even most Sunni Arabs feel relieved that Saddam’s gone. The mullahs are behaving. Local markets are busy and full of goods. The electricity’s back on – more reliably than before the war. Schools are open. Oil’s flowing. The Iraqi media is booming, boisterous and free. The Governing Council has convinced previously hostile factions to cooperate. Iraqis provide more and more of their own local security. And the torture chambers are closed.

What do we hear from Iraq? Another soldier killed. The rest is silence.”

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