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Media Telling You What To Think Again

Here’s the opening paragraph of an article in today’s USATODAY:

“The nation essentially is split in half over whether to accept gay and lesbian marriage, a USA TODAY/CNN/Gallup Poll finds. While 48% of those surveyed say allowing gay unions ‘will change our society for the worse,” 50% say they would be an improvement or have no effect.'”

Whoa! How many said “no effect” and how many said “improvement”? The USA Today PR piece doesn’t say.

Consider: If those two groups were roughly split, then you have 48% “worse” and only 25% “better”–not exactly “essentially split in half”.

And my hypothetical scenario may actually be closer to the truth. An ABC News poll last month found that 55% of Americans think it should be illegal for homosexual couples to get married, with only 37% in favor.

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