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ABCNews/WaPo Poll: Telling Americans What to Think

The new ABC News/Washington Post poll on the “CIA Leak” is highly misleading, a blatant attempt to blow a tempest in a teapot into a news event Americans actually care about.

Their poll results claim that 70% of Americans want a special counsel, and that 80% think that this is a “serious” matter.

Bull puckey. I still don’t think Joe Average American really knows or cares what’s going on here.

My informal Gilbert Poll of Guys I Work With shows that 80% of them have never heard of Joseph Wilson or Valerie Plame; and 90% think this is a cheap Democratic ploy to discredit George W. Bush and his administration.

By contrast, to illustrate what really matters to Americans, the Gilbert Poll found that 80% of The Guys I Work With were able to name the relief pitcher who blew the game for the Cubs Wednesday night.

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