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Damned if They Do…

The identification of intelligence assets is a serious matter and not something that should be taken lightly. If the law was broken, the guilty party should be identified and punished to the extent allowed by law.

But Tom Daschle’s remarks on PBS the other night make it clear that the Democrats aren’t really interested in punishing the culprit in the interest of national security:

“For the sake of perception, I think there is always going to be a cloud hanging over whether or not this Justice Department, run by John Ashcroft, will ever have the objectivity and the independence to do the kind of investigation required.”

In other words, if Justice finds the guilty party and it’s an administration official, the Democrats win.

If Justice determines that no law was broken, it’s because John Ashcroft is a right-wing party hack, and the Democrats win.

The issue of whether Valerie Plame, her family, undercover assets, or the United States were exposed to terrorist reprisal by revealing her identity no longer matters in this vicious game of political football. It’s all about which party can best exploit the situation.

It makes me sick.

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