As Millions Die

Nicholas Kristof of the New York Times, writing from Johannesburg, South Africa, observes that AIDS is destroying sub-Saharan Africa. In some parts of Africa, up to 40% of the adults are infected with HIV.

Kristof: In America, we think of AIDS simply as an epidemic. In fact, like the Holocaust, it is a moral challenge to the world, one we are failing.

He’s right. Unfortunately, he suggests that the solution is more money for treatment. There he is wrong.

Viruses are not, in the strictest sense, living things. The HIV virus seems especially adept at mutating to frustrate chemical attempts to prevent it from replicating. So far, all the money and all the research we’ve thrown at HIV has only slowed it a little.

The moral challenge we must meet is admitting that God knew what He was doing when He declared sex outside of marriage a sin.

As unpopular as the idea is, abstinence until marriage, and faithfulness to your partner after, is the cheapest and most effective response to the devastation of AIDS.

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