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Meanwhile, Back at the Three Bed/Two Bath Ranch…

I’ve been blogging a lot lately. Maybe I’ve just felt the need to expound on the issues of the day. Or maybe I’m just trying to show off my wit and intellect for the web.


I don’t have the time to be a web pundit. There are way too many out there now, and many who are more insightful and pithy than I. If Iron Dragons is ever going to get finished, I need to pretend that National Novel Writing Month is already here. In the end, the only people who will probably read these words are my descendants, and then only to see what kind of weird old man that guy on the Ahnentafel chart really was. They aren’t going to care much about slogging through my thoughts on a bunch of news articles they can’t link to anyway.

So back to journaling about the family.

Our daughter missed out on her big opportunity to march with the high school marching band Friday. Just as the combined 8th grade and high school bands reached their staging point, the heavens opened. A squall line rolled through and drenched the poor kids before they could double-time around the track back to the near side of the football field. The game was delayed and the 8th graders were dismissed. I think the high school marching band had to stick it out, but I didn’t stay around to find out.

I don’t even know who won.

Sharon’s book should be out within four to six weeks. Her publisher says four, but I find it hard to believe they can get the books printed, bound, and delivered to distribution in a month. In fact, I don’t expect to hold a copy of Winds of Evil until Christmas.

Which is okay. Considering that Sharon submitted the book around Christmas last year, it’s been a whirlwind. It only feels like slow motion sometimes.

She’s already most of the way through book two, and is planning to write book three during NaNoWriMo. I just want to finish Dragons by NaNoWriMo time. Then I’ll get to work on another.

Meanwhile, Boneman waits patiently in the corner at about 15,000 words.

My short story, “The Ghosts of Giants”, won third place in the Halloween Writing Contest at Writer’s Cramp. I was very surprised; I knocked the story out over four or five days just to offer something for the Halloween edition of the Cramp. Considering that Sharon and her sister, Ann, also submitted, I figured an “Also Submitting…” was the best I could hope for. Them Kentucky gals set a pretty high bar.

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