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ACLU Gives Award to Wahhabi Muslim Group

The Ohio ACLU has awarded its annual Liberty Flame award to CAIR-Ohio, the Ohio Chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations. The award is given each year “for contributions to the advancement and protection of civil liberties.”


CAIR is funded by Saudi Arabia and is dedicated to the spread of the Wahhabi sect of Islam. Saudi Arabia is not exactly a beacon on the hill of individual rights and personal freedom. An “Islam Information Center” opened last year in a storefront about two miles from my home, without any hassles from the government as far as I know; try carrying a Bible around Mecca and see what happens.

In addition, Middle East scholar Daniel Pipes has written many times about CAIR’s record of supporting terrorists and intimidating those who oppose its agenda; namely, to make the Koran “the highest authority in America, and Islam the only accepted religion on earth.”

The ACLU is siding with the enemy. Again.

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