Planned Parenthood Propaganda Passing as News

Maggie Fox, the Health & Science Correspondent for Reuters, filed what amounts to a press release from Planned Parenthood today disguised as a story on how President Bush’s anti-abortion policy denies health care to poor women overseas.

The story is based on a “study” issued by Planned Parenthood and Population Action International which claims that health clinics have been forced to close in Ethiopia, Kenya, Zambia, and Romania because of a Bush policy that withholds American funds from clinics that perform abortions.

Anyone with half a brain can see that this report is fallacious and one-sided.

First, Planned Parenthood is a for-profit organization, taking in hundreds of millions of dollars a year from surgical abortions. Believing a PP “study” on abortion is like believing a study from General Motors that shows American cars are safer than imports.

Second, if these foreign clinics closed after their American tax dollars were cut off, then these “clinics” were nothing more than abortion mills. Why on God’s green Earth should I pay for abortions in Zambia?

Finally, in this fifteen paragraph article, one line–one!–was given to supporters of the Bush policy. The rest of the article was devoted to linking this policy to the spread of HIV/AIDS in Lesotho, denial of basic health care in Kenya, and an increase in abortions in Romania!

This entire article is based on the presuppositions that:

1) People are entitled to sex anytime, with anyone, and at any age;
2) These taxpayer-funded clinics had no choice but to close rather than stop killing babies.

Clearly, that’s insane. And it shows that Reuters is slanted so far to the left in its news coverage that you have to flip your monitor sideways to view their web site.

Hey, here’s a concept–abstinence. 100% effective in preventing unwanted pregnancies and STDs.

But Planned Parenthood can’t charge $350 for every baby prevented by that method.

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