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I Woke Up Singing This Morning…

Da Cubs are back in first place! The DisAstros gave up 10 runs to the Giants in the first two innings of their game last night, and they’ve now lost four in a row.

Five games to go, and if you include the wild card race, there are six teams still battling for two playoff slots in the National League. One will go the Central Division champs, which will probably be the Cubs or Houston. The Cardinals are 3-1/2 games behind the Cubs with only four left to play, so they have to run the table and pray for the Cubs and Astros to self-destruct.

The wild card is still open, but Florida has the inside track. The Marlins are two games up on the Phillies and Cubs, three on the Astros, 3-1/2 on the Dodgers. Saint Louis was eliminated from the wild card race last night.

I keep coming back to this unbelievable sight: The Cubs are on top of the standings in late September. And for once, I’m not holding the newspaper upside down!

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