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Why is Clark Running?

Mark Steyn points out a few weaknesses that will probably be exposed in Wesley Clark’s campaign:

He will be asked why he got fired from the NATO job, why his buddy Bill Clinton declined to save him, why neither his civilian nor uniformed bosses – Bill Cohen, the Defense Secretary, and General Shelton, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs – attended his retirement ceremony, a huge public snub for a four-star general.

It is hard to argue that Iraq was a disaster when, in the crappy little war you, General Clark, presided over, the most powerful military on the planet took 78 days of aerial bombardment to destroy just over a dozen tanks; hard to argue that our boys shouldn’t be getting picked off on the ground in Iraq when in your war they stayed up at 15,000 feet, nights only, bombing hospitals, commuter trains, refugee convoys, the Chinese embassy, etc.; hard to argue that Iraq wasn’t worth it when, by most accounts, there’s more ethnic cleansing (Muslims against Christians) going on in “liberated” Kosovo than there was in Slobo’s day.

If General Clark’s the candidate, he’ll be the embodiment of ineffectual Clintonian warmongering.

Sounds like Clark is doomed. Unless, of course, that’s the Clintons’ master plan: Weaken Howard Dean so Hillary can jump in and save the Democrats at the last minute.

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