Kennedy Beaned in Boston

The Democratic National Committee has its own blog. It is cleverly titled “Kicking Ass”. (Because the party’s mascot is a donkey. Get it? Ha, ha.)

The lead item this weekend was Teddy Kennedy’s apoplectic rant Thursday about the war in Iraq. Before waxing rhapsodic with praise, the flunky on blog duty at DNC Headquarters should have stopped and really thought about what Senator Kennedy said.

Here is how the senator’s comments were received in his home town, by the Boston Herald: “To charge that President Bush put American men and women in harm’s way in Iraq, that lives were lost because this war would be ‘good politically’ for the Republican Party is so obscene, so gross that if Kennedy can’t substantiate that charge (and how could he possibly?), he ought to be driven out of politics.”

And all the people say, “Amen.”

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