Carter Blames US For North Korea

Former president Jimmy Carter told Larry King that the US is responsible for the North Korean threat to world peace.

This is a classic example of liberal guilt syndrome, a psychosis that causes the victim to rationalize malfeasance anywhere in the world as a reaction to imperialistic American policies.

Kim Jong Il is a murderous psychopath. Blaming his actions on George W. Bush is nuts. Spinning Bill Clinton’s multi-million dollar payoff to Kim as sound foreign policy is naive at best.

Kim Jong Il only opened peace talks with South Korea after an alleged payment of hundreds of millions of dollars from Hyundai Asan Co.. An investigation into the payments may have led to the suicide of Hyundai Asan’s chairman in August. The payments may have been made at the request of South Korea’s then-president, Kim Dae-jung, in order to push ahead with his “Sunshine Policy” of engagement with the North Koreans.

According to Time Asia, the cost for peace with North Korea so far includes:
– $1.2 billion in food, fertilizer and other aid from South Korea over the last five years
– $2.3 billion for the Kaesong special industrial zone
– $79 million for a railroad to connect North and South Korea
– $500 million from Hyundai Asan to set up the meeting of the Korean presidents in 2000
This doesn’t include the hundreds of millions of dollars worth of aid, food, oil, and even a nuclear reactor Kim received from the Clinton/Gore administration.

Two questions:

1) How can the world contain Kim Jong Il if we keep propping him up with aid?

2) Why does anybody listen to Jimmy Carter anymore?

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