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No More Elections in California, Ever

More on the California recall: The Sacramento Bee reports that the voting machine technologies being considered to replace punch-card machines have problems, too. So what is California to do? Delay the recall election to replace one flawed voting system with another?

Recall opponent Rick Hasen, an attorney who filed an amicus brief in the case, said this:

“Whether the new techologies could create equal protection problems of their own is a separate question that may itself have to be litigated some time.”

What? What? If the potential, hypothetical problems with punch card ballots are grounds for litigating against this election, and the punch cards are replaced with something that’s no better, then the ACLU would have grounds to file lawsuits against just about any election anywhere until somebody invents a foolproof voting method–which will never happen.

The 9th Circuit Court may have just installed Gray Davis as Governor-For-Life.

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