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The War Over Iraq
A new Democratic line on Iraq has emerged over the last few weeks: “Why didn’t we have an exit strategy? Why didn’t we plan the reconstruction of Iraq before we went in?”

First of all, I’m betting that the Democrats are wrong, and those plans were made before the invasion. Simply, this is not the kind of information you release to the public. What military commander with any sense reveals his strategy before it’s time to execute it?

Secondly, if word had gotten out before the invasion that policy wonks at State and Defense were already at work on a rebuilding strategy for Iraq, Democrats would be screaming that the whole conflict was about oil.

Oh, wait. They are.

We need to look back to the rebuilding projects in Germany and Japan after World War II. The Marshall Plan cost the U.S. $79 billion in Europe between 1948 and 1952. That’s over $200 billion in today’s dollars. The benefit to the U.S., not to mention the newly free peoples of Iraq, will be worth the expense of setting up a stable representative government in Baghdad.

The Democratic candidates for president use Iraq as a political football at their own peril. History will show that George W. Bush was right. Seventy percent of the American public already knows it.

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