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The Left Doesn’t Get It
We keep hearing about a talk radio network of, by, and for American liberals. Chicago-based AnShell Media is promising to debut in January with a “funny, engaging, and compelling” lineup of liberal talk hosts. We don’t know who any of them are yet; the only person rumored to be under consideration is Janeane Garofolo. Apparently Al Franken is too busy coming up with new ad hominem attacks on John Ashcroft and Rush Limbaugh.

The basic assumption of the investors in this doomed venture is flawed. Rush, Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly, Laura Ingraham, Hugh Hewitt, Michael Savage, and other conservative commentators aren’t succeeding because they have no competition. They succeed because the conservative core of America is sick of the liberal blather we’re force-fed by the rest of the media.

This is the point liberals seem unable to grasp: Rational, intelligent people have considered their values and rejected them. To believe as they do, that a majority of Americans are conservative because 1) there is no liberal counterbalance to Rush Limbaugh, and 2) we believe everything Rush says, is simplistic, elitist, and insulting.

All day long, Americans are inundated with the liberal line on religion and morality. Turn on the news and we used to get Rather, Jennings, and Brokaw presenting the liberal spin on the news. Now Fox News has stepped up to balance their bias, and Americans have welcomed Brit Hume and Bill O’Reilly into our homes in record numbers.

And from the entertainment world, we get a pantheon of the rich and good-looking preaching on morality by glorifying sex (with whoever and whenever), violence (but only against the police), and peace at any cost. When is the last time you saw a TV show that celebrated the virtue of saving it for marriage?

Earlier this week, Johnny Depp, the latest addition to the laundry list of self-loathing American media idols, told a German magazine that America was like a big, stupid puppy that runs around biting everything. He added that he only wanted his children to stay in the U.S. long enough to get the feel of the place, and then leave. Fine. He’s entitled to his opinion.

Depp, who lives in a farmhouse in southern France, apparently didn’t think his comments would be translated into English and broadcast back home. Almost as soon as his comments hit the Internet, Depp issued a statement through his management that his remarks were misquoted and taken out of context.

I suspect that his manager, who has waited through years of brilliant performances in marginally successful cult films like Ed Wood, reminded Johnny that it takes a lot of American dollars to pay for that French lifestyle–hence the hurried retraction.

Maybe there are a few on the left who do get it, after all.

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  1. Derek…Please excuse me for not relating to this topic…
    I have been a viewer of your great show since spring of ’16…I looked forward to seeing your “Nightly” broadcasting the days topics (Monday-Thursday) and watch all other mediums you present to us all (Scifriday etc.) and also have ordered products through your site…My question Derek is “what happened to the…”NIGHTLY BROADCAST” of “THAT DAYS” topics?…
    I live in the northeast, and by noon,(EST)…I already see “That particulars days broadcast already?”….I’m sure there is a reason, and I realize you are very busy with other projects, however, I always looked forward to your reporting on events…”Of That Day”…that we all could view, and were up usually around 7pm-8pm (EST)
    I just thought i would write to ask, because in essence, we are watching what events took place the…the previous day…instead of looking forward to seeing you report what events actually happened earlier in any given day…as we were all accustomed to your previous broadcast format.
    In closing, I must add…you are “THE BEST ANCHOR THERE IS FOR THIS MEDIUM OF RELIGIOUS BASED…TRUE NEWS”….why?…because you…”just report a topic”, and those of us in Christ…understand.
    Also I must add, I am retired, and in any way can help Skywatch TV in any way, please let me know (I don’t know why, but the Lord laid this on my heart as I was closing this note)….”Maranatha” my friend (I am surprised at how many Christian people do not know what this word means as a greeting or goodbye for now?)…
    Blessings Derek…and to all your awesome cast.

    • Hi, Dale: It’s simply a matter of time constraints. We are a very small staff. I write, edit, produce, and upload the programs myself, and I’m my own cameraman most days, too. So yes, we are usually a day behind rather than “breaking news.”

      My goal is to offset that by offering stories and analysis you don’t get from mainstream broadcasters (or other Christian broadcasts, for that matter).

      If and when the day comes that we can add writers and editors to our staff, we’ll continue doing things the way we are now. Especially if I’m going to have any time to continue writing books and articles for SkyWatchTV Magazine.

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