Bomb First, Call Off Truce Later
Maybe I missed something. The mainstream news is broadcasting the announcements by Hamas and Islamic Jihad that the cease-fire with Israel is over after yesterday’s killing of a Hamas leader in Gaza.

But two days earlier, a homicide bomber blew up a bus in Jerusalem, killing 20 and wounding 150. Many of the victims were children. And Hamas claimed responsibility for this butchery!

So how is Israel responsible for ending the cease-fire? What cease-fire? Agence France-Presse reports that “only” 17 people died during the seven week truce. That kind of death count has Democrats screaming for the return of our troops from Iraq! But when the victims are “only” Israelis, that’s real progress toward a lasting peace.

I wonder. If that bus had been in San Diego instead of Jerusalem, and an extremist group of Mexicans claimed responsibility, how long would we wait before the troops went in?

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