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Agony of Da Feet
I am 41 years old. My weight is probably 30 pounds higher than it ought to be. I’ve been trying to keep to a regimen of walking in the mornings, part of a plan to keep my cholesterol–which peaked at 290-something last year–down to a reasonable level. Unfortunately, my feet are killing me.

The joints connecting my big toes to my feet are swollen and painful. They hurt more after I’ve had weight on them for awhile. I’m beginning to think this is the onset of the same arthritic condition my mother just had surgery to correct.

I took a martial arts course a year ago, and I progressed as far as green belt. Kicking the board in half, when I hit the target on that side of my foot, was an electric jolt all the way up my spine.

I tried switching to a mixed route of cycling and walking–ride my bike a mile and a half down to the high school track, walk a mile, and then ride back. My feet feel better, but now my tennis elbow . (I don’t play tennis, I just type a lot. The ergonomic keyboards helped a lot.)

How are you supposed to stay any kind of fit when the exercise is killing you?

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