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More Thoughts on the ECUSA
The election of V. Gene Robinson to bishop is not the death knell of the Episcopal Church USA. The ECUSA has been dead for quite some time.

This is the denomination that ordained John Shelby Spong as bishop in 1976. Spong denies the authority of the gospels and the divinity of Jesus, and he’s argued for years that Christianity must change–i.e., jettison accepted doctrine of 2,000 years, as handed down by Jesus to the Apostles–in order to adapt to the needs of 21st Century Man. It is no wonder that Mr. Spong was voted the 1999 “Humanist of the Year”.

The ECUSA saw fit to elevate this non-Christian to the position of bishop, and this more than a quarter-century ago.

So weep not for the Episcopal Church USA. The tears are too late; its corpse is already cold.

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