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August 31, 2003

One Nation Under…SomethingDavid Limbaugh has written a well-reasoned piece on “The myth of church-state separation”. Once you actually read the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States, you begin to see how much

August 30, 2003

Oh, great.As if the economy wasn’t enough to worry about, I got this result to my personality test: Which Personality Disorder Do You Have? brought to you by Quizilla

Conspiracy hunting

August 30, 2003

Various Thoughts After a Day on the Internet1) How did the 14th Amendment get passed when only 33 of 50 senators voted for it? (The Senate leadership refused to seat a senator from New Jersey

August 30, 2003

The Fur FliesAnimal rights activists are celebrating the release 10,000 minks from a farm in southern Washington. Hundreds of the animals not yet captured have converged on local farms in search of food. The little

August 29, 2003

FBI Arrests Teen HackerThe Feds put the cuffs on 18-year-old Jeffrey Lee Parson: today. Parson is charged with one count of intentionally causing or attempting to cause damage to a computer. That sounds like a

August 28, 2003

EPA Regs to Blame for Columbia?From Chapter 3 of the official report on the Columbia disaster: “Throughout the history of the External Tank, factors unrelated to the insulation process have caused foam chemistry changes (Environmental

August 27, 2003

Judge Moore Needs to Let GoI’m disgusted with the ACLU for its systematic program of filing suits to banish God from public life, but Judge Moore needs to give it up and let the monument

August 26, 2003

Hillary’s Book Forces 75, quoting the New York Press, reports that Simon & Schuster is laying off 75 employees to cover the $8 million dollar advance it gave Hillary Clinton for “Living History”. S

August 22, 2003

Karma CornOkay. I heard a guy on this radio show the other night who claimed to be a shaman. You know, an enlightened spiritual master who says he can create his own reality by visualizing

August 22, 2003

Bomb First, Call Off Truce LaterMaybe I missed something. The mainstream news is broadcasting the announcements by Hamas and Islamic Jihad that the cease-fire with Israel is over after yesterday’s killing of a Hamas leader

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