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Shredding the Constitution
Here’s the irony. The people cheering the Supreme Court’s decision to strike down Texas’ sodomy law, hailing it as a victory for “human rights”, are missing a very important point: Every time the court legislates from the bench, more power is usurped from the states and consolidated in the hands of a few black-robed elders in Washington.

Our federal government was established to assure that power was decentralized, reserved for the states except for those powers specifically granted to it by the Constitution. The framers of the Constitution understood that power, when concentrated in the hands of a few, inevitably leads to tyranny. By effecting legislative change through the judicial branch, power is shifted to the federal government as the Supreme Court establishes law for all fifty states.

In their quest to have the Supreme Court establish the “right” to abort an unborn child, the “right” to engage in same-sex relationships, the “right” to remove all mention of God from public life (i.e., establishing a national religion of humanism), activists are actually ceding their right of self-determination to an increasingly powerful central government. And they won’t realize what they’ve done until it’s too late.

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