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It’s a festive day in the country of Gilbert! Today is the annual Shearing of the Dogs, the day when their winter coats are shaved back so they may enjoy the outdoors even through the blast-furnace heat of a Saint Louis summer.

Belle and Gretel, the Lab/spaniel and Lab/German Shepherd mixes, enjoy their trimming. Belle comes home acting like she’s shaved about 63 dog years off her age.

Murphy, however, the little Lhasa Apso/something, doesn’t. He really fluffs out when he’s hairy, so when he’s trimmed, he looks less like a dog and more like a mutant bunny. (His legs are very long and lean for a dog his size.)

He’ll mope around for the next couple of days, looking pathetic and hoping for sympathy. Can’t blame him, though. The dog next door, Maleah, a cute little springer spaniel, will be mocking him badly. Women can really put the hurt on a guy.

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