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Sometimes necessary

Fox News has dominated our television for the last couple of nights. I suspect that the cable news networks are seeing a spike in their ratings as well.

For our friends across the ocean, please understand that Americans are not a mob of gun-toting, bloodthirsty semi-savages. War is never desirable, but it is sometimes necessary to oppose evil.

And make no mistake: Saddam Hussein is evil. A Labour MP in the U.K. wrote an op-ed piece last week about her work as a member of “Indict”. This is a group that has been collecting hard evidence to use in the prosecution of members of the Iraqi regime for war crimes.

She described one technique used against dissidents as “shredding”, where opponents of Saddam are dropped into machinery designed for recycling plastic. The lucky ones went into the tines head first because they died quickly. Men who were especially out of favor with Saddam were dropped in feet first; they died screaming as they were ground to pieces from the legs up.

The title of her piece was “Watch a Man Shredded, Then Say You Oppose the War”.

Her point is well taken: Some evil must be opposed, even at the cost of war.

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