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Spring is sprung

The crocuses are finally coming up! This winter in Saint Louis has hung on a lot longer than the last four or five.We got up into the 60s today, a big improvement over the last couple of days. The National Weather Service predicted 60s Thursday and 70s yesterday, and I think we topped out at 48.

Today, though, was glorious. Sharon got the bulbs planted, and I washed and waxed both cars. (That’s the last time I’ll do them both in the same day!) The dogs enjoyed it, too, and they’re very happy to be sleeping on the porch again instead of down in the basement.

We’re wrapping up the day by watching Cal Thomas on Fox News. It’s funny–ten years ago, I thought he was farther right than Attila the Hun, and now he’s one of my three favorite columnists (the others being Ann Coulter and Vox Day). Gosh, if my politics slide any farther, I’ll be farther right than Attila.

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