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Great news today! It appears that my lovely and talented bride is going to be a real, live published author! There is still a lot to learn about the process we’ll soon be undertaking, but one that will be educational and, we hope, rewarding.

Not in the material sense, although that would be nice. Sharon’s goal was to write a book that tells a good story while honoring the Kingdom of God. I think she succeeded wonderfully, but I’m biased. Unashamedly so. My reward will be seeing people enjoy her gift as I have, and witness, through her story, a glimpse of the love that God feels for us.

Three more inches of snow in Saint Louis last night. We’ve had more snow this winter than I can remember in the ten years since I’ve been here. What’s funny is that a spokesperson from some environmental group in Washington said that the record cold and snow this winter is consistent with their models of global warming. Huh?

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