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Testing out a new piece of software called NetNewsWire. This is really slick. It allows the user to create what amounts to a customized newspaper/magazine reader.

In addition, I can apparently edit this blog directly from this panel without having to open my web browser. So if the mood strikes, I can make additions in one or two steps instead of four or five.

I guess I’m going to have to learn a little about programming to understand exactly what’s going on with this thing. I’ve managed to add a few news channels to the reader, but only by trial and error. And it was only by experimenting that I figured out how to log in to my blog.

Still, this program, which is still only v. 1.0, appears to be something that I will end up using a lot.

I’m also test-driving a new program called Konfabulator. It allows me to run a number of small desktop applications, such as an analog clock, a battery monitor, a memory monitor, and so on. The graphics are very, very nice. The rendering of the Mac OS is mind-boggling when you think of computers’ limitations only a few years ago. Even my Win XP machines couldn’t hold a candle to this AlBook. Yao Ming, you sold me.

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