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Streisand’s hot air

I called Sharon at lunchtime and interrupted Steve Jobs’ MacWorld keynote address. How foolish of me! (12″ G4 TiBook–or is it the AlBook now?–for $1800! Homina homina homina homina…)

Why does Barbra Streisand think that a great singing voice and a bit of talent as an actress entitles her to influence public policy? Especially when she doesn’t know what she’s talking about (global warming), and doesn’t believe that she should have to make the sacrifices (hanging clothes on a line instead of using the dryer, washing clothes in cold water, setting the A/C at 78 degrees, and so on) that she wants from the unwashed masses (meaning you and I, dear reader).

Quoting from the web site:
“Streisand seems oblivious to the hypocrisy of the owner of several multi-million dollar homes preaching about conservation. When asked whether she planned on following her own advice, a spokesman for Streisand said, ‘She never meant that it necessarily applied to her’. (New York Times, June 20, 2001).”

So the next time Barbra Streisand wails about the Kyoto Protocol, oil drilling in Alaska, or the president’s energy plan, just remember that she’s using more energy than four or five typical American families. If she’s going to talk the talk, she should walk the walk.

And one more thing: She’s still ranting about the election of George W. Bush. Barbra, that was two years ago! Give it up already!

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