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Send in the clones

So this Raelian cult claims to have created the first human clone. Right. For the moment, let us ignore the fact that they’re not likely to have the resources or technical ability to actually commit such a monstrous act and take a look at the cult itself.

The Elohim, as the Raelians call the aliens who supposedly created the human race, are supposed to have kept in contact with mankind over the years through a series of prophets–Buddha, Jesus of Nazareth, and Muhammad, to name a few. Isn’t it odd that all of these prophets preached something completely at odds with what the Raelians are teaching now?

If the whole secret to living in blissful harmony is understanding DNA and how to manipulate it, why did the Elohim wait until the 20th century to contact us? They could have taught us that DNA stuff the first day and prevented 5,000 years of death and destruction.

For that matter, why did the Elohim choose to reveal themselves to a French sportswriter instead of a priest, rabbi, or imam? Or at the very least, a molecular biologist, who might understand a little of the DNA talk?

Why are the Raelians trying to clone a human baby? If we’re so imperfect, why not try to clone an improvement on the design?

If the Elohim are the source of human life on Earth, why isn’t this movement named after them instead of Rael, the human guy who founded it?

Finally, if the Elohim’s message is so important for the future of mankind, why do I have to buy Rael’s book to get it?

Face it — these people are about two steps away from the Kool-Aid jungle.

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