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Another senator opens mouth and inserts foot

Democratic Senator Patty Murray of Washington told a group of high school students today that Osama bin Laden is so popular in the third world because of his record of building schools, roads, day and health care facilities, and infrastructure, and suggesting that we might be more popular in the Middle East if we had been helping with those programs.

Clearly, Sen. Murray is too stupid to hold elected office.

First, nobody gives more aid to the Third World than the U.S. Our average expenditure on foreign aid has been $3 billion a year since World War II. Osama is worth maybe $300 million, tops. What he’s built has been payoffs for the local officials who’ve protected him.

Second, poverty exists in many of those nations because of corrupt, greedy governments. The burden needs to be on the governments of the countries growing these terrorists. Case in point: Saudi Arabia. The wealthiest nation in the Middle East just happens to be Osama’s power base. Why do they have so many angry poor people when the country has so much money?

Senator Murray is wrong. It’s not their poverty, it’s their religion. Radical Muslim clerics are raising a steady stream of willing suicide warriors, and the governments there aren’t stopping it. Why? Because, either openly or covertly, they support what’s happening.

A press release from Senator Murray issued after her speech has her backpedaling faster than an NBA guard trying to defend Kobe Bryant. She doesn’t want to get hit with a backlash from Republicans after the way her Democratic colleagues tore into Trent Lott.

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