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Final score: 21,000

NaNoWriMo 2002 is over. I finished with just under 21,000 words. Not bad considering the other time commitments I have, such as work, family, and teaching a Sunday School class. Averaging about 5,000 words a week isn’t to be sneezed at, and I know now that I can keep up that pace without too much trouble.

We picked up a couple of new games for the Game Cube: Star Fox Adventures, which my daughter really likes, and Eternal Darkness, which she likes, but because it creeps her out, she’s content to watch me play it. Both are excellent and can be recommended.

We also got Godzilla: Destroy All Monsters recently, which is a hoot for anyone who, like me, grew up watching monster movies on Saturday afternoons. Nicole has discovered that she can kick any monster’s butt when she plays as Anguiras; I do best as Ghidorah.

2008 update: I want to be on record as having changed my opinion of “Eternal Darkness”. The game revolves around conjuring and casting spells, which, even in a video game setting, is at odds with God’s will as I read it.

It seems hypocritical to teach my daughter that magic, witchcraft, and communicating with spirits is forbidden by God, and then turn around and play games that require just those things to win.

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