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Phil Donahue is an idiot

There. Now that I have that off my chest, let me explain.

I hadn’t realized what a flaming liberal Donahue was until last night. Maybe I’m slow, or maybe, like most Americans (judging by his ratings), I just don’t pay any attention to him.

Last night, Donahue hosted a “discussion” on his MSNBC soapbox about the blurring line between church and state. Mr. Donahue is upset about Judge Roy Moore in Alabama, and his decision to appeal a ruling ordering the removal of a granite monument to the Ten Commandments from the Supreme Court building in Montgomery. Donahue actually asked a spokeswoman from Concerned Women For America if she really wanted the establishment of religious schools in America to train little Christian zealots to kill infidels, similar to the Islamic schools in Pakistan.

Excuse me?

We had prayer and at least an acknowledgement of the Creator in public schools from the days of the Puritans through 1962. That’s over three hundred and forty years, and we somehow managed to avoid training generations of Christian homicide bombers.

Mr. Donahue either doesn’t understand or deliberately misinterprets the First Amendment. It is not a “separation clause”, as he called it. In fact, contrary to the belief of a brainwashed public, the words “separation of church and state” do not appear in the Constitution (not in the U.S. Constitution, anyway; they’re in the constitution of the old USSR–and maybe that’s the one Donahue prefers).

The framers of the Constitution intended for the U.S. to be a nation under God. They understood that without a healthy fear for one’s immortal soul, no written code of law will restrain man’s natural desire to pursue self-interest at the expense of everyone else. What the framers intended was to prohibit Congress from establishing an official “Church of America”.

Think on this: If the wise men who crafted our government had intended to create a “wall of separation” between church and state, would they have made the first act of Congress the hiring of a chaplain to open each session with prayer? And would they have voted, the day after approving the First Amendment, to allocate funds for printing Bibles? As the authors of the Constitution, didn’t they know that was unconstitutional?

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