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Writing with distractions

An hour or so left before I have to get to bed. I wasted too much time this afternoon watching “Battle of the Bulge” and the end of the Rams game.

Catching the Rams’ comeback was worth it, though–two touchdowns in the last three minutes, a recovered onside kick, and an interception to save the game with ten seconds to go. Look out, NFL–the Rams are back!

Bears? Feh. Gave up 17 points in the fourth, now sit at 2-and-7. I had a feeling at the beginning of the year that the 13-3 record last year was an illusion.

I’ve discovered a difference between my wife and I: She can write like nobody’s business. And she can do it with the TV on for background noise.

Not me.

Anything more intrusive than light classical music and I get so distracted that I can’t focus. It really takes a lot of concentration for me to immerse myself in what I’m writing, and any voice, live or from the television, prevents me from developing that level of concentration. So she can sit there writing like mad, while I’m distracted by some stupid story on Fox News like a flash about the upcoming J-Lo/Ben Affleck nuptials. Aaagh!

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